Some people have these profound life moments where they find themselves asking..."What was I meant to do here on this earth?" I am so happy to have peace knowing that one of the reasons that I am here is to capture love, family and the beauty that is bursting out of the seams of every day! I love life deeply and do my best to not take for granted the chance that I have to take breath.

I love photography. I started my photography not in a school room with text books and the wisdom of teachers but in the passion of wanting to freeze my children's tiny fingers and perfect little eyelashes forever in time. With some encouragement I tested out the waters and started by photographing family portraits and then weddings. Now we are many years in the making and I find that I am pinching myself thinking that I must be in a dream. How could this possibly be what I get to do? I love LOVE! I cant say it enough. I love romance and the raw emotions that are spilling out of the heart of the bride as she sees herself for the first time in that mirror. Or when he glances down that aisle to see the radiance of her beauty. To be in that moment and witness such occurrences is such an honor. I don't need to sky dive or seek thrill in death defying stunts. I just watch the beauty of the first dance or the mother's eyes as she sees her precious new baby wrapped in a warm soft basket. This gives new admiration of every new day.

First, I am a wife to my high school sweet heart.To this day my heart still stops when he comes home from work. Then to make all that much more rich we were granted three beautiful life's to influence and mold. They are the icing on the cake of this journey I call life. Christian, Elijah and Grace are three whirlwinds that have come in and saturated my life with color!

I look forward to meeting you and one day God willing  photographing you!

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